Feather tail fanning   Loving stream of consciousness      Fluid flowing peace
Sit down with me, by the water shore; gaze upon the water to view, reflect and explore.Listen to the whispers of a loving Spirit, as it rides the breeze through bullrushes and cattails.Sit down with me friend, our friendship was meant to be.

Welcome my Dearest Friend!

I have so much gratitude, love and appreciation for exploring your journey with me; as this is my journey too.

Together, YOU and I, explore matters in your heart. Together, we explore possibilities - all for your highest good.

The Koi Flow is the sacred space that you and I create together through openness and trust, through our hearts and intentions.  This is where we create MAGICAL moments.  

We open our hearts to RECEIVE

Then we ALLOW

Information is intuitively exchanged with guided prompts from the Tarot. Together, we explore and examine what matters most to you and reflect upon your Tarot Message.  

Our time together is sacred and confidential.

One flame ignites another.

It is my honor, to share this moment with you.

As one flame ignites another, by the end of our time together, I want you to feel supported, validated and at peace. It is my intention to help you connect to yourself and your life with compassion. I want YOU to SHINE as you were meant to. I want you to feel hope in the possibilities with all your choices. You are the Creator of your life; only you can decide what is best for you.  Intuitive messages that are received are helpful and insightful, but never definitive. You have the gift of FREE WILL.  

I hope your light shines brightly, and in turn, lights another; and the light continues to expand in love wherever you are.